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General hints about using a wiki

  • To edit a page (after you're signed in), click on the "edit" button in the lower-right corner.
  • You may want to see the Editing Help page for hints on the wiki markup that is used to edit pages, or you can use the buttons provided.
  • Another way to learn the wiki formatting language is to look at what's already on the page, and use that as a model. That is, if you want to learn how to make bullet points, find a page with bullet, go to "Edit", and see what's there that's making the bullet.
  • To add a new page, use the Add a Page form.
  • When adding pages, it is a good idea to inter-link them, so that they are connected in meaningful ways.


  • Each course has its own "domain", per se, signified by the part before a colon in the page's name. That is, a page on Jefferson for AP US would be located at ap-us:Jefferson. A page on kinematics would be ap-physics-b:Kinematics.
  • Please state source and/or licensing information when uploading and using images.
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